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Maths & Further Maths


Stratford Girls’ Grammar School aims to develop powers of analysis and strong problem-solving skills in all Maths students. We have an outstanding record of achievement at all levels, thanks to an exceptional team of subject specialist teachers whose depth and enthusiasm for Mathematics is second to none. We aim to instil the confidence and skills necessary for students to achieve their mathematical potential.


Sixth Form Curriculum

Students will improve their resilience and develop skills such as thinking logically, analytically, creatively and strategically; as well as learning to justify and prove statements by recognising the importance of rigour in solutions. Students will be challenged with difficult unstructured problems and will learn to use mathematics as an effective means of communication. Whilst our teaching is hands-on, students are given the freedom to take increasing responsibility for their learning and the evaluation of their mathematical development.

As well as the opportunity to enter the national Senior Maths Challenge, we highlight Masterclasses and lectures at local universities to help inspire future learning and out the box thinking.

Mathematics complements a wide variety of other A-level courses and provides an understanding of the tools and techniques integral to many degree courses. The skills developed by studying at SGGS Sixth Form are highly valued by employers and universities across a wide range of careers from medicine and law to engineering and management.


Further Maths

Students interested in studying Maths in more depth can choose to take Further Maths A level in addition to Maths at SGGS. Along with Physics, Maths with Further Maths is a particularly good combination, not just for those wishing to read Maths or Physics at university, but also for a student considering a future career in engineering.

Building on the key concepts studied in A level Maths, components of study in Further Maths includes complex numbers, numerical methods, proof, matrices, functions, differential equations, trigonometry, polar coordinates, geometry and further calculus, algebra and vectors. Stratford Girls’ Grammar School also chooses to explore mechanics and discrete as their Further Maths optional topics. Mechanics includes dimensional analysis, momentum, collisions, work, energy and power, circular motion. Discrete Maths encompasses logistics so covers graphs, networks, linear programming, critical path analysis, binary operations, game and group theory.

Grade 8 or above at GCSE Maths is preferable for studying Further Maths. This is a 4th A-level, so strong GCSE grades across all subjects are a requirement for consideration.



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Further Maths: