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Studying History at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School will help students develop analytical and critical abilities while learning to make judgements based on information and research. Our team of teaching Historians, who are all experts in their field, are passionate about challenging girls to enhance their intellect and understanding of the world around them. We promote genuine interest and enthusiasm for historical learning and respect its intrinsic value and significance. Access to a range of stimulating historical articles, journals and books is part of this course as well as popular trips to Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, the RSC and Paris, France, when possible.


Sixth Form Curriculum

The History A-level course at SGGS fosters independence and encourages critical and reflective thinking, drawing comparisons and links across different periods of time. Students develop their ability to consider significant questions about the past and broaden their knowledge of identities within society such as social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Our setting in Stratford-upon-Avon, Grade II listed architecture and links to significant historical figures such as William Shakespeare, makes SGGS a uniquely inspirational place for students to explore their interest in History.

All of our girls reach a high level of understanding regarding the nature of historical study and develop their use of historical terms and concepts. They will make judgements based on available evidence and learn to appreciate why historical judgements may be provisional. Organisation, communication, arguing a case and reaching a substantiated judgement are just some of the skills historians at SGGS can expect to acquire and refine.   

In recent years, students have benefitted from visits to Westminster Abbey and both guided tours and workshops on Tudor history at Hampton Court Palace, which provides an insight into the importance of the role of the monarchy in Tudor government. Paris has also been a popular trip for students to embark on, inspiring them to discover more about how the French Revolution developed and changed society, not just in France but across Europe. The opportunity to see interpretations of historical events at the RSC, such as Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, will also be taken when offered.

Apart from being interesting, fun and thrilling, History is incredibly useful and applicable to many careers including teaching, finance, the law, journalism and human resources. The History and Politics Department also run application sessions to prepare student for interviews at top universities. These sessions deepen understanding and support the communication of complex historical concepts. Graduate prospects for those who have studied History at SGGS are consistently very high.


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