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Studying Chemistry at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School develops a deep understanding of how science works and the role it plays in the progression of society. Students are challenged to consider prevalent topics such as how are we to keep our planet clean, generate sustainable fuel and food resources for an expanding population, how to keep the atmosphere safe and eradicating killer diseases. We do not currently have the answers to these problems, but through enthusiastic learning of Chemistry at SGGS, one of our students may go on to contribute to the answers. Chemistry remains an essential course for students interested in medical, pharmaceutical or environmental sciences.


Sixth Form Curriculum

A-level Chemistry at SGGS develops practical skills and builds on foundations built in the field. Throughout a student’s time in Sixth Form, they will analyse the Periodic table, discover more about energy and consider topics such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry and transition elements.

SGGS provide opportunities to enter the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Olympiad and Cambridge Chemistry Challenge in both Year 12 and Year 13. Internal and external visits are extremely popular aspects of the course and include ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’, a visit from Warwick university where research Chemists bring in analytical instrumentation for the students to use. Biannually, Sixth Form students have the chance to join a Science expedition in the summer term. One recent expedition involved students addressing plastic and marine pollution and orangutan conservation in Borneo.

With many years of teaching and research experience in schools, universities, Biochemistry and Pharmacology industries, our SGGS teachers will guide students through their course and challenge their understanding, whilst allowing them to appreciate the wider applications of the content they learn.

It is expected that students will have studied either Combined Science or Chemistry GCSE. Other subjects that would go well with Chemistry at A-Level are Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

An A-level qualification in Chemistry will set up students for continuing the subject at a top university or place of work, with the transferable nature of the skills acquired suiting progression in any one of the sciences or related subjects, such as chemical engineering, materials science or biotechnology. Chemistry is a well-respected subject in its own right and is a gateway for entry into a wide range of professions.



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