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Economics at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School encourages students to develop an understanding of concepts and theories through a critical consideration of current economic issues, problems and institutions of everyday life. Students apply theories and concepts in a range of contexts and learn to appreciate their value and limitations in explaining real-world phenomena. They will also analyse, explain and evaluate the market economy and the role of government, developing a critical approach to various methods of enquiry and applying these to a range of economic problems.


Sixth Form Curriculum

The academic curriculum provides a sound basis of Economics understanding which is enriched with the latest real-world examples. We successfully bridge the gap between the end of compulsory education and the start of fledgeling careers by developing skills in a safe yet challenging environment. This includes visits to several city-based institutions in London, as well as an annual economics conference with a number of highly regarded speakers from the world of economics, business and politics. SGGS students regularly perform at the very highest level in national examinations. 

The ethical and social dimensions of Economics is a key component of study, including the relationship between rich and poor countries, the distribution of income and wealth within a particular society and the quality of life between and within economies. Students expand their understanding of the wider economic and social environment, develop an ability to think like an economist and learn essential analytical and quantitative skills to equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life. By linking the topics studied with relevant career opportunities, students are exposed to a significant number of future career pathways, aspirations are raised and they are guided in the most appropriate way to achieve their ambitions.

A series of competition-based extra-curricular opportunities help students develop resilience ahead of their exposure to the competitive careers market. Universities, apprenticeship providers and graduate employers frequently discuss their desire for students to be more commercially aware. Economics is a highly regarded academic subject with relevant and transferable skills should students wish to follow careers in areas such as finance, management, law and even medicine.



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