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The MFL department at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School has a long-standing tradition of helping its students to become highly proficient linguists. Our students go on to attain the highest grades, 100% A*/A in 2022, which in turn enables them to access the best universities, apprenticeships and employment. Our French course is taught by two highly experienced members of the department, with topics shared according to each teacher’s specific areas of expertise. We are committed to a language immersive experience for all.


Sixth Form Curriculum

Topics studied at A-level include cyber-society, heritage, living in a diverse society, politics, media, immigration and integration. Working with the French Assistant in small groups is core within the SGGS provision as this supports the development of excellent linguistic skills. Our students have an average of 86% in speaking exams over the past three years.

Lesson tasks are varied and are geared towards not only language acquisition, but also skills and exam technique. A curiosity of the target language is genuinely encouraged and valued. Cultural awareness is an integral part of the course and students have the opportunity to discover French-speaking countries around the world. This allows a student to gain a global perspective that enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world that they will enter into.

Students benefit from approximately ten hours of teaching every two weeks in addition to conversation lessons with their language assistant. The MFL Department has a language laboratory equipped with the latest technology and resources so that students can take advantage of a range of films, reading and listening resources to maximise learning.

Studying a Modern Foreign Language at A-level enhances employment prospects, facilitates foreign travel and promotes the enjoyment and motivation of improving linguistic skill. Highly prized by higher education institutions and sought after by employers, the National Centre for Languages claim that 60% of UK trade is with non-English speaking countries and

that customers addressed in their mother tongue are three times more likely to buy. Foreign language study enhances career opportunities in government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing and more.



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