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The Stratford Girls’ Grammar School Psychology department is dedicated to helping Sixth Form students challenge ideas and gain a greater understanding of themselves, others and the society they will build for the future. We aim to nurture a passion for Psychology and provide a deeper understanding of psychological theories, fostering an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity.


Sixth Form Curriculum

The SGGS curriculum examines a range of topics, including mental health and criminal behaviour. In recent years, the department has offered extra-curricular opportunities including visits to Warwick Law Courts and HMP Onley.

Students will develop practical, mathematical and problem-solving skills as well as gaining an appreciation for how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy. Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Physiological and Individual Differences will all be explored as well as research using different methods such as observation or self-report.

SGGS are committed to developing high-level skills for life which enable students to interpret, analyse and evaluate psychological research.  Psychology students are encouraged to channel their ideas and present logical arguments at all times. Teaching is delivered by highly experienced staff and students achieve highly year on year. The department fosters the belief that success is achieved together and the development of self can be applied across all areas and paths of life. 

With an understanding of people and how they behave, Psychology students can pursue several careers ranging from human resources, advertising, marketing, physiotherapy to careers within psychology such as Educational or Clinical Psychology.



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