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Religious Studies


Religious Studies at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School develops confidence and challenges students with rigorous philosophical, ethical and theological questions, so that they can engage more meaningfully with the wider world. Students expand their knowledge in a range of related disciplines, adopting an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to their learning. We create space for students to examine their own values, opinions and attitudes, for the benefit of their education and personal growth.


Sixth Form Curriculum

The RS A-level course at SGGS is an in-depth study of Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Theology. Students will learn how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of connections between different areas of study and their relationship to specified aspects of human experience. From Plato’s rationalism to Aristotle’s empiricism, students will engage with some of the most influential thinkers and examine enduring ethical questions.

There’s vigorous debate and deep reflection, with no year quite the same, as topics adapt to reflect the modern world and current circumstances. Student particularly enjoy taking part in study days, attending conferences and the opportunity of trips.

The critical thinking involved and continuous need to develop coherent arguments results in highly transferable skills for careers in medicine, law, journalism, business, politics, teaching and more. Studying RS also complements other arts and science-based subjects such as Economics, Psychology and Physics. In fact, we challenge you to identify any subject or career that is not enhanced by the study of this subject.  

The Sixth Form course at SGGS has a consistent record of exceptional results and is taught by specialist teachers, who have Masters qualifications and many years of experience, including examining for the current exam board.

Religious Studies is a well-regarded academic subject that appeals to universities and employers. Past students have gone on to study a variety of subjects at universities in Cambridge, Manchester, London, Edinburgh and beyond.



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