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Religious Studies


A challenging, multi-disciplinary course that has a consistent record of exceptional results and is taught by experienced specialist teachers. From Plato’s rationalism to liberation theology, students will learn about some of the most influential thinkers and examine enduring questions such as the existence of God and the good life. Our students go on to a wide range of destinations. A-level RS provides a broad academic education and enables students to question and develop their own thinking to a very high level. Expect to get involved in lots of discussion and debate, to read widely and to develop exceptional essay-writing skills. We strive to be informed about the latest academic developments, inviting many speakers from universities into lessons and we love a school trip; we plan to visit Athens in 2023.


Sixth Form Curriculum

In Philosophy you will study arguments for and against the existence of God and debates surrounding the soul, mind and body. You will explore philosophical ideas developed by major thinkers including Plato, Kant, Wittgenstein and Dawkins.


In Ethics you will study ethical theories and issues. You will learn about concepts including free will and conscience, as well as the works of scholars such as Kant and Freud, applying them to sex, euthanasia and business.


In Developments in Religious Thought (Theology) you will explore the ways in which Christianity has developed and responded to challenges and contemporary social issues. This will include the study of Secularism, Pluralism, Liberation Theology and Feminist Theology



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