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Stratford Girls' Grammar School Stratford-Upon-Avon


We are very fortunate in the staff we have at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, and, as a result of their dedication and enthusiasm, we are able to offer students fantastic opportunities to take part in a very wide range of expeditions. We believe that these add hugely to the educational experience of the students, challenging them to move outside their comfort zones, broadening their horizons in a very literal sense, and helping to develop cultural understanding as well as global citizenship.

These trips start close to home in Year 7, with the July residential that we encourage all Year 7 students to take part in – generally to a PGL outdoor activity camp in the south-west of England. In the middle years of the school, there are the language exchanges to France, Germany and Spain, offering penfriend opportunities and the chance to experience the culture of these countries first-hand by living with a family. And in our July Activities Week, a number of cultural trips to Europe are available for students in Years 8 to 10: to Spain and Germany, to classical sites such as Rome or the Bay of Naples, and in some years, to Russia. In addition to Geography and Geology field trips, linked to GCSE and A-level courses, and including Iceland in the itineraries, other subject departments offer trips abroad, too: to Berlin, with History, for instance; tours with Music or Drama to Paris, Tuscany or New York; and visits to Washington and New York with Economics, Politics and History. The Science Department have taken research-based trips to Madagascar and Costa Rica, and one to South Africa is in the planning; while the PE Department organise regular ski trips to Austria for the younger students, as well as long-haul sports tours to Australia or South Africa. For many years we ran World Challenge expeditions – to places such as Sri Lanka, Namibia, Brazil, and South Africa – and in the last five years we have taken three trips to India: cultural visits to the Delhi, the Himalayas and the Ganges, that encourage the students to explore their responses to this amazing country through creative writing. Lists of recent trips and trips in the planning are given below, and the photos below give a flavour of what is on offer.


Recent Residential Trips       Recent Day and Evening Trips
India: Delhi, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges and the Himalayas     New York: Jazz Band and Performing Arts     Bletchley Park Black Country Museum
Washington DC     Berlin     Baddesley Clinton Hampton Court
Seville, Spain (exchange)     Solingen, Germany (exchange)     National Gallery, London Tate Modern, London
Provence, France (exchange)     Iceland     Harry Potter World Snowdome
South Africa sports tour    

Costa Rica scientific research

Theatres (see Drama) National Space Centre
Pompeii and Herculaneum     Russia     Warwick University: Labs Aston Martin
Snowdonia     Shropshire     Cambridge University (Year 9) Houses of Parliament
PGL, Osmington Bay     High Ropes     Wimbledon Edgbaston (International)
  Team Maths Challenge Salters' Chemistry Competition
Mulberry Leadership Conference Engineering Conference
RAF Brize Norton HMP Onley

 School Trips in the Planning

We depend on the goodwill (and energy!) of staff  for all of these trips to run - as well as being able to recruit enough students to each one to be economically viable - and so there is no guarantee that all of these will run. However, these trips are currently all in various stages of planning:

Activities Weeks 2018

 Department      Destination      Dates      Year Groups      Duration (Days)     No. Cost
Annual trips
Year 7     Dorset       7     5     120 £450
MFL     Santander    .......    8     5     44 £595
MFL     Rhineland        8 6     38 £450
Drama     London        8+9     2     40 £275
History     France      9     5 30 £600









Other annual residentail trips - mainly abroad

Dept Destination Dates Years Days No. Days Notes
Geography North Wales 9 - 13 October 2018 13 5 25 £350 Annual
MFL     French Ex     May 2018 / 2019 10     6     20+ £390 Annual
MFL German Ex (Munich) June 2018 / 2019 9+10 5 20+ £420 Annual
Geol/Geog      Iceland     October 2018  11   5     20+ £875  
MFL      Spanish Ex     October 2018 / 2019  11   5     18+ £400 Annual
Geography Pembrokeshire 9-13 July 2018 10 5 81 £400  
Geography Snowdonia 8-12 October 2018 13 5 27 £400  
Geography Snowdonia 1-5 July 2019 10 5 81 £400  
Geography Snowdonia 7-11 October 2019 13 5 25 £400  
 Biennial/occasional trips: 2018 / 2019 / 2020
Econ / Business Brussels Feb 2018 13 3 20 £300  
History Berlin Feb 2019 10+11 5 50 £575 Biennial
Physics CERN Geneva March 2018 / 2020 12+13 3 25 £450 Biennial
RE Rome March 2019 12+13 4 20 £350  
Sixth Form China July 2019 12+13 17 16 £2650 Biennial
Music/Perf Arts New York Oct 2020 8-13 6


£1200 Triennial
Science  Costa Rica (TBC)   July 2020  12+13   14 20 £2600  
Science Borneo July 2018 12+13 14 15-20 £3200