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The Maths Department at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School has an outstanding record of achievement at all levels. Students are often entered and succeed in National Maths Challenge competitions. We are an exceptional set of subject specialist teachers whose depth and enthusiasm for Mathematics is second to none. We work as a team in the pursuit of the same goal - providing girls with the best experience of Maths and supporting them to become resilient and independent learners.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

We aim to nurture a love of learning, not only just of the basic mathematical skills and techniques, but a wider, deeper understanding of the subject and an appreciation for logical solutions. We want to encourage students to develop their own strategies and realise that solutions may be approached from a variety of directions.

Our lessons incorporate tasks that allow you to develop your problem-solving skills and also your creativity, such as a statistical comparison of books in Year 7, designing sandwich boxes in Year 8 and comparing different rates of income in Year 9.


Year 7

Term 1 introduces students to types of numbers, calculations, decimal places, coordinates, perimeters, properties of shapes and symmetry.

By Term 2, students will begin expanding their understanding of fractions, percentages, substitution and data handling. 

In Term 3, students begin investigating linear equations, angles, logic, ratio and proportion.

Year 8

Pythagoras is experienced in Term 1, followed by research into non-linear equations, probability and presenting concise, logical arguments in different scenarios.

Term 2 explores expressions, percentages and 3D geometry – volume, surface area and plan views.

In Term 3, students will further their understanding of data handling, sequences, real-life graphs and constructions.

Year 9

Term 1 begins with a continuation of learning about compound measures and real-life graphs as well as data handling, percentages, equations and inequalities.

Trigonometry and bearings is explored in Term 2 along with accuracy and error bounds, expressions, formulae and graphs.

Term 3 sees an investigation into standard form, surds, congruency and similarity.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At GCSE, a desire to ask questions, such as why and what if, will support you in your development of being able to apply your learning across the curriculum in new and different situations. As a discipline, mathematics teaches you to question, to analyse, to reason and to interpret – all necessary skills for life. Students are taught to structure arguments logically, show flair and creativity in problem-solving, and develop the ability to analyse and interpret results.

All SGGS girls are entered for the Higher tier GCSE (grades 4 – 9), meaning that all students cover the same content and have opportunities to develop their problem-solving skills

Mathematics is also a popular subject at A-level and students who do well at GCSE often continue their studies into Sixth Form. Students departing SGGS regularly go on study Mathematics at many different top universities and also choose subjects with mathematical content such as engineering, accountancy and economics.


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