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Religious Studies


The Religious Studies curriculum at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School is ambitious and challenges students to critically and meaningfully embrace the philosophical, ethical and social issues raised by the wider study of religion. This course will help all students make sense of the world and their place in it – locally, nationally and globally regardless of their race or religious beliefs.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Students in Key Stage 3 have one lesson of Religious Studies each week and will use a range of disciplines and approaches to learning to develop a rich knowledge and understanding of religion and a lifelong appetite to learn more. They will also encounter many traditions and build the skills necessary to engage with the diversity of opinions and the challenges in terms of topical content inherent in this subject, which is highly valued at SGGS.


Year 7

Term 1 introduces students to Abrahamic faiths and discussions around diversity in religion. 

By Term 2, students will begin considering the impact religion has on peoples lives and in Term 3, students begin delving into subjects around Christianity, such as who is Jesus and what is his impact and significance.

Year 8

Making sense of the world is the core learning initiative of Year 8, with Term 1 including other world views, conflict and challenges.

Term 2 explores Islam in the UK in detail.

Term 3 considers the beliefs of Buddhism and the meaning of life.

Year 9

Term 1 begins with an introduction to asking big and difficult questions. Students begin to explore ethics and philosophy, questioning what it means to be human, the existence of the soul and more.

Responding to evil is explored in Term 2, with topics such as the holocaust and genocide considered.

Term 3 sees students investigate significant women throughout history and how religion has affected women over time and vice versa.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At GCSE, students will increasingly question, discuss, debate, investigate and evaluate as they learn to develop balanced, informed and justified lines of argument. They will have opportunities to visit places of worship, enter national competitions and hear a range of speakers.

Areas of exploration include different religions and beliefs, reflection on fundamental questions and enhancing spiritual and moral development as well as health and wellbeing. All students undertake a core Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) course. The course is designed to be engaging, challenging and useful. Topics include an introduction to philosophy and ethics, debating religious issues and an EPQ style investigation into an area of personal interest. Students who complete the course to a good standard are awarded a certificate. Students can also opt to undertake a GCSE in Religious Studies.

Students will leave SGGS with a highly developed religious literacy, essential for our future leaders and decision-makers. Many will also have achieved outstanding results in Religious Studies qualifications, to the benefit of their broader academic aspirations.


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