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Stratford Girls’ Grammar School encourages students to develop a critical understanding of business organisations, the context in which they operate and the markets which they serve. This is achieved by taking a problem-solving approach to the subject, which involves studying the internal workings and management of organisations, together with the process of decision-making in a dynamic external environment. Students will learn how to make decisions and develop the necessary analytical, questioning and quantitative skills to progress in their future careers.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Topics studied at GCSE include the key aspects of business decision making, and the impacts these have on the business and its stakeholders. Students will look at different types of business and link their theoretical knowedge to the real world; learning how to confront issues, tackle challenges and engage in debate and discussion with fellow students. The different perspectives of customers, owners, managers, employees and suppliers will be considered, as well as economic, environmental, ethical and international aspects.

Girls studying at SGGS acquire a range of skills including the ability to interpret and evaluate the significance of obstacles and how to make informed decisions based on the details they are given. This course has an academic core but benefits from a wide range of practical lessons, developing knowledge and pertinent skills through game and scenario-based learning. 

Studying Business supports a wide range of careers, not least in the business field itself. It therefore works well with the sciences, arts, languages and humanities. Many students have continued with Business related degrees at university, either as a single or joint course. The experience gained on this course is invaluable as it directly prepares students for interacting with the business world in some way, either professionally or personally.

Our SGGS community ethos ensures that many alumnae remain in touch and share their experiences with current students. By fostering this communication, we ensure students see where their new technical abilities, such as investment appraisal, strategy development and viral marketing can take them in the future.


GCSE Business Specification