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SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) encourages all students to consider important and current events, as wide-ranging as politics, mental health, public speaking, LGBTQ, listening skills and discrimination.  Every school in England must promote SMSC and is assessed for this by Ofsted.


The exploration of beliefs and experience, respect for faiths, feelings and values; enjoyment of learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; using imagination and creativity to reflect.


The ability to recognise right from wrong, respecting the law and understanding the consequences of actions. It is the investigation of moral and ethical issues, reasoned views and an appreciation of British Values.


The appreciation of diverse viewpoints and the ability to participate, volunteer and cooperate, resolving conflict and engaging with the fundamental values of British democracy.


An appreciation of cultural influences, the role of Britain's parliamentary system, participation in cultural opportunities and the shared understanding, acceptance, respect and celebration of diversity.


SMSC reaches every Stratford Girls’ Grammar School student across every subject and year group. It is integrated into curriculum schemes, assemblies, House events and whole school initiatives. There is also a fortnightly lesson, which students undertake in their vertical tutor groups, where they can explore a broad range of issues and topics.

By delivering these topics in vertical tutor groups, SGGS enables students to meet with a broader range of perspectives, however, all topics covered in SMSC lessons are appropriate for the entire age-range.


For more information on SMSC please visit the Government Website: