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The Music curriculum at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School is diverse, exciting and challenging. We encourage musicians at all ability levels to broaden their performance experiences and provide opportunities to work in real industry scenarios in preparation for a multitude of varied careers. The study of Music enables all students to develop a range of subject-specific and transferable skills through a range of collaborative tasks. Our Stratford Academy of Music (SAM) has an outstanding reputation and offers amazing extra-curricular opportunities. Girls who love Music, love it here.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum:

At KS3, students enjoy using our practice room facilities, classroom instruments, music software and studio to learn through hands-on experiences. Girls who already play instruments are very welcome to use them in lessons and our many ensembles. Students are introduced to musical styles from different places and eras, which provides seamless preparation for further study at GCSE and A-level.

Year 7

Term 1 introduces students to musical elements and both individual and group performances and assessments. There is a Christmas composition topic at the end of this term, followed in Term 2 by Indonesian Gamelan and music technology modules.

In Term 3, students begin preparing for an end of year exam, explore musical theatre and set targets for the next year during one-to-one sessions with their tutors.

Year 8

Music of African origin  such as Blues, Gospel and African Drumming is investigated in Term 1, followed by a focus on key skills and an exploration of music and art in Term 2. Students will analyse the use of music in film during Term 3 and conclude their studies with an end of year exam and assessment.

Year 9

Listening tests progress to GCSE standard in Year 9 and Term 1 begins with a module in Jazz music. The history and significance of orchestral music is explored in Term 2. A contemporary self-devised project is the focus of Term 3 as well as preparation for end of year exams.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

At GCSE students will focus on four main themes, ‘Concertos Through Time, ‘Rhythms of the World’, ‘Film/TV/Game Music’ and ‘Songs from 1950s to the Present Day’. They are assessed on performing with expression and interpretation as well as composing and developing musical ideas with technical control and coherence. They are also tasked with analysing and evaluating music using correct musical terminology.

Music GCSE gives our senior musicians the chance to blossom in a creative, interactive and supportive environment. They are challenged to produce their best work, in whatever style or discipline they choose, and to reach further outside the syllabus through opportunities to arrange, conduct and direct ensembles.  SGGS musicians are trained to be responsible, organised and independent; always putting their enthusiasm for music at the centre of everything they do.


Extra-curricular opportunities

Our extra-curricular music provides a wealth of opportunities for students of all abilities across all years. Groups are organised by ability rather than age, so there is lots of opportunity for students to develop friendships with others in different years. Our biennial New York Tour provides an incredible opportunity to work with some of the best musicians and performers in the world, and to perform in the heart of Manhattan. Extra-curricular Music usually takes place at lunchtime, but our more senior ensembles are expected to be available for after school rehearsals, especially in the run up to competitions or concerts. There is at least one concert every term plus other events such as Music in the Manor, Composer Recitals and House Music competitions.

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