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Personal Social Health & Economic (PSHE) education prepares students for real-life experiences and covers a vast range of different topics. Taught in lessons from Years 7 to 13, discussions include mental health, body image, friendships, relationships, RSE, exploitation, drugs and alcohol, first aid, e-safety, road safety, driving skills, LGBTQ+ issues, equality, debit cards, credit cards, tax, the cost of living, student finance, memory techniques and study skills, career choices and other important subjects. The SGGS curriculum evolves to reflect the issues that are most relevant to students and input from the students themselves is encouraged wherever possible.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

PSHE at Key Stage 3 allows students to expand their understanding and to develop skills that will enable them to make good and safe choices. For example, planning a safe route home, knowing how to deal with a burn, discussing ways to get out of difficult situations or expanding knowledge of the risks involved with certain behaviours.


Year 7

Term 1 allows students to reflect on resilience and self-esteem, learn about road safety and important peer-to-peer topics, including bullying, values, friendship and communication.

By Term 2, students will begin considering looking after their own body, the impact of smoking and managing the fear of missing out.

In Term 3, students begin looking into study skills, money and careers.

Year 8

Mental Health is a key focus topic in Term 1, followed by dealing with change, body image and identifying positive relationships.

Term 2 explores the importance of internet safety, provides knowledge on first aid and begins to consider future careers.

In Term 3, road safety is explored along with a look into the negative effects of alcohol.

Year 9

Term 1 begins with students continuing to learn about Mental Health and also considering the signs of Teenage Relationship Abuse.

Understanding different careers and managing exam stress are explored in Term 2 along with insight into LGBTQ+ issues.

Term 3 tackles the subject of drugs in detail.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At GCSE, students continue to broaden their understanding, attitudes and practical skills related to living healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. They are encouraged to be enterprising and supported in making effective transitions, positive learning and career choices. Values and attitudes are explored in more detail including the complex and sometimes conflicting range of opinions they may encounter now and in future. Students will explore political and social issues critically, learning to weigh evidence, debate their point of view and make reasoned arguments, preparing them for playing a full part in our society.