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Design Technology


Design Technology at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School is highly successful both academically and in terms of extra-curricular opportunities.  We regularly engage in a range of national and regional design and engineering competitions and schemes with large companies and Government departments. Students of Design Technology at SGGS will enhance their creativity, develop problem-solving skills and learn to showcase their ingenuity.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, our students develop the fundamental skills that will facilitate confidence and the independent design and manufacturing of various products. Design Technology is a subject that transforms; students learn about designing solutions to improve people’s lives, they can make better decisions, understand more about the impact of products on the world and ultimately, equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding to shape society for the better. 

Year 7

Term 1 introduces students to health and safety, practical applications, CAM, design context and design skills in both 2D and 3D. The creation of a Modular Desk Organiser is the main project in Term 1, which carries over into Term 2.

In the second term, knowledge is expanded to consider utilising materials and the effects of sustainability as well as enhancing product and practical evaluation techniques.

Term 3 features an Iterative Design Challenge which showcases developed skills in 2D Design (CAD), 3D CAD, technical drawing and research into ethical design.

Year 8

Further health and safety knowledge, consideration of target users, electronics and ECT practical skills are experienced in Term 1, followed by the creation of a Steady Hand Game.

Term 2 explores 3D CAD/2D design, perspective drawing, primary research and the introduction of presentation techniques.

In Term 3, students will complete an Interior Design project (beginning in Term 2) and consolidate their knowledge of soft modelling, CAM, evaluations and paper/card theory.

Year 9

Hes for nature is the driving force in Terms 1 and 2, beginning with primary research, prototype modelling, concept design and increased consideration of health and safety.

Orthographic drawing and drawing to scale is explored in Term 2 along with woods/materials, joining techniques, evaluation and practical skills.

Term 3 sees students learn about foam modelling and focus on a furniture design project. This includes the assessment of different design styles and research into designers as well as broadening understanding of both concept and inclusive design.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

At GCSE, students are fully immersed into the world of DT, developing their thinking and understanding of design to ensure they can confidently solve technical problems whilst also develop a broad understanding of shaping the world around them. 

Our students study a highly engaging and thought-provoking programme of study at GCSE, following the AQA GCSE Design and Technology specification. 

A challenging, forward-thinking, creative and expressive curriculum offers all students rich engagement within the world of design, sustainable and ethical factors, engineering and manufacturing, inside and outside of the classroom. This flexibility includes the opportunity to design and make a range of artefacts, with the freedom to design and make prototype and bespoke products.


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